Hybrid Flooring Melbourne Collection

By Walls and Floors

Our hybrid flooring has been tested by AWTA Australia. All our products are covered by Lifetime Structural Warranty, 10 Years Commercial Surface Warranty and 25 Years Residential Surface Warranty. Our hybrid flooring Melbourne collection carries a range of radiant and sophisticated colours to suit your style décor.

  • Construction: Rigid Core / Solid Extruded Vinyl
  • Installation: Unilin Lock System, Floating, Glueless
  • Surface: Embossed in Register (EIR), Painted Bevel
  • Thickness: 7mm (Underlay Attached)
  • Width: 228mm
  • Length: 1800mm
  • m2 / Box: 2.052 m

Durable, waterproof, and cost-effective, our hybrid flooring Melbourne collection has become a popular flooring option for residential or commercial applications in recent years. Taking advantage of the latest flooring manufacturing technologies, hybrid flooring combines elegance of hardwood and the waterproof nature of tiles, whilst providing warmth and comfort under your feet.

Hybrid flooring is made of a decorative, textured print layer that is sandwiched between a protective top coating and a rigid, waterproof core board. Unlike laminate flooring, hybrid flooring boasts an inbuilt high-density rubber backing which reduces noise transmission without the hassle of un-attached flooring underlay.

Not all hybrid floors boast the latest innovations. We have successfully acquired the very best hybrid flooring available in Australia. Our flooring installers have given our hybrid flooring praise its simplicity and ease of installation, making it a terrific DIY flooring option. Keeping your hybrid flooring Melbourne collection looking its best requires very little maintainence. Even though hybrid flooring is waterproof, accidents and spills happen; like all floors, it is best to clean your hybrid floor as soon as possible to ensure your always looks its best.

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What exactly is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a combination and improvement of both lamintate floors and vinyl flooring. Hybrid flooring is the latest innovation within its industry boasting both waterproof properties, a hard wearing surface, and a cost effective alternative to timber flooring. Unlike laminate flooring, hybrid flooring boasts an inbuilt high-density rubber backing which reduces noise transmission without the hassle of un-attached flooring underlay.

Is it true that hybrid flooring is waterproof?

Yes, the characteristics of its stone composite core make it a waterproof floor covering. When installing hybrid flooring, be sure a 5mm to 10mm gap has been scribed around the perimeter to minimise the potential for mould to form due to water damage. Skirting boards or scotia beads will cover the gap around the perimeter of the hybrid floor.

Can I install hybrid flooring over my existing tiles?

Yes, you can install your hybrid flooring over pre-existing tiles, provided they are flat, solid, and  with minimal to zero lippage. A good quality hybrid flooring system can be installed over any solid, hard, and flat subfloor. Like all engineered flooring, hybrid flooring require a subfloor with minimal undulation to maximise its performance and compliance with the warranty guidelines.

Tiles or hybrid flooring for my home?

The attraction of hybrid flooring throughout your entire home far outweighs any tile within the same price-point of a quality hybrid floor. We are comparing apples to apples, of course there are tiles and natural stones which are set at a different price-point and complement high quality engineered oak timber flooring. Hybrid flooring has become the widespread choice around Australia and the world.

Do I need underlay for my hybrid floor?

No. Our hybrid flooring Melbourne collection boasts an attached high-density rubber underlay backing. Unlike laminate floors, our hybrid flooring produces better accoustic properties and ease of installation, making it a spectacular DIY flooring option. 

Can I glue down my hybrid flooring?

No, the term ‘floating floor’ is the installation method used for hybrid flooring. Without fixation, your hybrid flooring is placed on top of the subfloor e.g., concrete slab and secured around the perimeter by skirting boards or scotia. The stone composite core within hybrid flooring assists with zero to minimal contraction and expansion, making it a cost effective yet beautiful engineered flooring system.

Are subfloor preparations required for hybrid flooring?

Like all engineered flooring, hybrid floors need to be installed over a flat subfloor. If it is not, hollow spots and squeaks may occur after the installation of your new hybrid floor. Typically all engineered timber floors, including hybrid flooring, allow up to 3mm to 4mm of undulation per 3 lineal metres. When installed outside of the manufacture’s guidelines and tolerances your new hybrid flooring may not be covered under the manufacture’s warranty.

Is hybrid flooring better than laminate flooring?

Is water wet? Absolutely, hybrid flooring is better than laminate flooring. There is no argument against this. Hybrid flooring all the way. Call us (or anyone in our industry) and find out why.

What sizes do hybrid floors come in?

Hybrid flooring comes in many different sizes and profiles. Here at Walls and Floors our hybrid flooring Melbourne collection comes in the following sizes:

  • 228mm * 7mm * 1800mm hybrid flooring
  • 190mm * 7mm * 1540mm hybrid flooring
  • 230mm * 7mm * 1830mm hybrid flooring

Be sure to ask us about any end-of-line sale stock within our hybrid flooring range. If it is 5mm hybrid flooring you are after, please be kind enough to look elsewhere. We take pride in the quality and structural integrity of all our hybrid flooring products.