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Summer Eve Sale: 7mm Hybrid Flooring Melbourne Collection from $29 +GST on selected items.

Welcome to all things Walls and Floors.  Explore our vast range from Beyond Wood. Wideboard Oak Timber Flooring, Chevron, Herringbone, Tretford Carpet, and Surfaces. Contact us and discover why so many choose us within our industry. Call 9397 3740

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Herringbone Flooring
Herringbone Flooring

When it comes to selecting timber floors, herringbone is a timeless choice. No other flooring pattern has the ability to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary the way herringbone does. Our brand of herringbone timber flooring is composed of genuine European Oak and inspired by classic French design.


Timber Floors - Black Forest
Engineered Oak Flooring & Hickory Impressions

For those who like peace of mind, we have an extensive selection of quality flooring. Our timber floors are engineered to withstand Australia’s tough climate, and produced by one of Australia’s largest and most trusted manufacturers of chevron, herringbone, engineered oak, and Hickory timber flooring.

Engineered Oak from $49 +GST on select items.


Tretford Carpet & Rugs

With over 60 colours to choose from, its distinctive structural corded look and proven quality has established tretford as a much-loved and recognised brand of carpet around the world. Tretford’s natural properties actively reduce airborne dust and allergens, having a uniquely positive influence on indoor air quality.


Wide Board Hybrid Flooring

Scratch-proof and water-resistant, our hybrid flooring Melbourne collection provides you with the traditional look of a timber floor that we all know and love. Unlike our competitors, we only hold one brand of hybrid flooring within our stocked selection, knowing its quality surpasses all of its competitors.

7mm Hybrid Flooring Melbourne Collection from $26 +GST on select items.



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