Essential Earthware

Matte Tiles – These tiles best represent a traditional, flat, non-reflective finish.

Polished Tiles – This is a superb and highly decorative tile option within the tile industry.

Honed Tiles – Hones tiles are typically known for their scratch resistance, a great option for a satin tile finish.

Lappato Tiles – A Lappato tile boasts a shiny texture that is added to the surface of the tile to give it a semi reflective finish.

Gloss Tiles – These tiles carry a highly reflective surface, picture a brand new car: glossy, reflective, and mirror-like; simply beautiful.

If you like any of our tiles, let us know in advanced and we will ensure that we have our samples ready for you in our Williamstown showroom, a great way to complement your timber and parquetry flooring selections.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our tiles and styles

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