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Welcome to the tile and tiling division of A family owned and operated tiling business which was founded in the year 1970, specialising in all aspects of wall tiling and floor tiling throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Over the decades we pride ourselves in providing a quality and reliable experience for all of our customers’ tiling requirements within Melbourne and Beyond.

We have developed very solid foundation in both residential and commercial tiling throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We have remained humble over the years by maintaining a manageable team, ensuring that our quality and service are never comprimised.

Every metre is a good metre, our motto stands for quality over quantity.

Matte Tiles – These tiles best represent a traditional, flat, non-reflective finish.

Polished Tiles – This is a superb and highly decorative tile option within the tile industry.

Honed Tiles – Hones tiles are typically known for their scratch resistance, a great option for a satin tile finish.

Lappato Tiles – A Lappato tile boasts a shiny texture that is added to the surface of the tile to give it a semi reflective finish.

Gloss Tiles – These tiles carry a highly reflective surface, picture a brand new car: glossy, reflective, and mirror-like; simply beautiful.

Contact us to discuss your tiling installation requirements. If you like any of our tiles, let us know in advance and we will ensure that we have our samples ready for you in our Williamstown showroom or for an on-site measure and quote in the comfort of your own home.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our tiles and styles

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