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For decades our represented flooring companies have been working with the latest fashions and designs. Our selection of quality wall and floor coverings are constantly being curated and innovated to maintain our high reputation of quality and service. Throughout our journey we’ve developed strong relationships with architects, interior designers and boutique builders across Australia.

Our nationwide success has enabled us to service clients in all major Australian cities for both supply and installation.

Transforming your space into a hand crafted work of art is a huge passion of ours. Walls and Floors take up 80% of our peripheral vision, our expert companies provide you 100% confidence in making the right choice.

A fully integrated service is offered by all of our represented flooring companies at wallsandfloors.com.au, providing all customers with the flexibility of supply and/or installation for all projects.

Noun: The best moment or highest point in the development of something, for example your wall or floor; the apex, culmination, or climax (of a development).

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Ask us why we are Melbourne’s premier timber and hybrid flooring specialists:

Wood you rather engineered oak timber flooring? Spotted gum? Blackbutt timber flooring? Or is it our Hybrid Flooring Melbourne Collection that you are looking for? We keep it real at Beyond Wood. If you are after quality timber flooring  at non-inflated prices on comparable quality, connect with us.


Just a few reasons why you wood walk on our Timber Floors by Beyond Wood in Melbourne:

We want to make sure our client’s experience is seamless and they get exactly what they have been looking for, with over 70 different timber flooring options, ranging from: Engineered timber floors, European oak timber floors, Chevron parquetry, Herringbone parquetry, Hickory timber floors and a selection of Australian timber flooring which include spotted gum, blackbutt, and Tasmanian oak.

  • Hickory Timber Flooring – Take a walk on the wild side with Hickory Impressions, one of the world’s densest hardwoods. If trees were human, hickory timber would be the envy of all mortal beings: tough, docile, and incredibly good looking. If you are a fan of engineered oak timber flooring, then our hickory timber floors in Melbourne are a must see.
  • European Engineered Oak – Possibly the ultimate timber floor that boasts both classical and modern sophistication. Our premium range of engineered oak timber flooring is  available in over 60 different sizes, colours, and treatments; ranging from wideboard planks to parquetry patterns including chevron and herringbone timber floors. Reach out and discover a new world of engineered oak timber flooring.
  • Chevron Flooring – A chevron patterned timber floor utilises a zig-zag pattern that is similar to a herringbone timber floor. The infinite ‘V’ pattern in chevron parquetry creates a simple pattern that speaks a thousand words.
  • Herringbone Flooring – A Herringbone timber floor is made up of small, rectangular timber floor planks which are installed in a zig-zag pattern, not too dissimilar to chevron parquetry. This timber floor pattern is timeless throughout modern history, wood you consider a herringbone floor? Ask us about our native Australian parquetry flooring now available in spotted gum and blackbutt.

You don’t have to be famous to enjoy a Red Carpet experience. Discover a world of Tretford Carpet in Melbourne:

 Do you like your carpet with a bit of WOW factor? Come in and check out our eye-popping, jaw-dropping world of colour, we have over 60  carpet colours to choose from, our carpets will blow you away. The ultimate complement to any timber floor.

  • Tretford Carpet – Exceptionally clean lines due to its unique construction.
  • Cord Ribbed Carpet – A one of its kind fusion bonded sisal carpet pattern,
  • Broad Loom Carpet – Tretford carpets are available in 2m wide rolls.
  • Suitable Carpet Applications – Our carpets are rated and designed for both residential and commercial installations.
  • Carpet Tiles – The use of carpet tiles is a great alternative to broad loom carpet, typically within commercial carpet applications.

No matter the colour choice, all customers receive red carpet service.


We floor the competition with our Hybrid Flooring Melbourne Collection by Beyond Wood Timber Floors

Durable, waterproof, and cost-effective, hybrid flooring has become a popular flooring option for residential or commercial applications in recent years. Taking advantage of the latest flooring manufacturing technologies, hybrid flooring combines the elegance of a hardwood timber floor.

and the waterproof nature of tiles, whilst providing warmth and comfort under your feet.

Hybrid flooring is made of a decorative, textured print layer that is sandwiched between a protective top coating and a rigid, waterproof core board. Unlike laminate flooring, hybrid flooring boasts an inbuilt high-density rubber backing which reduces noise transmission without the hassle of un-attached flooring underlay.

Not all hybrid floors boast the latest innovations. We have successfully acquired the very best hybrid flooring available in Melbourne. Our flooring installers have given our hybrid flooring praise its simplicity and ease of installation, making it a terrific DIY flooring option. Keeping your hybrid flooring looking its best requires very little maintenance. Even though hybrid flooring is waterproof, accidents and spills happen; like all floors, it is best to clean your hybrid floor as soon as possible to ensure your always looks its best.

  • Australian Hardwood Look Hybrid Floors – Discover a diverse range of hybrid floors which hold the characteristics of traditional Australian species, from Spotted Gum to Black Butt.
  • European Oak Look Hybrid Floors – Are timber floors not for you? Achieve the look of a premium Engineered Oak timber flooring, with our engineered hybrid floor technology.


Limited Stock Hybrid Flooring in Melbourne by Beyond Wood Timber Floors

On occasion, we receive the opportunity to distribute end-of-line stock in a variety of different flooring types, from Hybrid Flooring to European Oak. In conjunction with our industry partner Melbourne Floor Store, we pass on these low stocked items at up to 50% the industry retail prices.

We take pride in the quality all of our floors. As seen on our Products and Brands page, all of our hybrid flooring is of the highest quality. At 7mm in thickness we do not compromise, this extends to our entire end-of-line range of hybrid flooring.

Like Beyond Wood, the team at Melbourne Floor Store have joined the family at wallsandfloors.com.au. Melbourne Floor Store has since become an industry partner of Walls of Floors.

MFS has also developed a reputable footing within the hybrid flooring industry in Melbourne in recent times. After welcoming them into our team, we are pleased and excited at the prospect of continuing, and bettering our already great buying power to provide you, the reader, with better prices nationwide.

Here are some examples of our limited stocked items:

  • 180mm * 7mm * 1540mm hybrid flooring
  • 190mm * 7mm * 1540mm hybrid flooring
  • 228mm * 7mm * 1500mm hybrid flooring
  • 230mm * 7mm * 1830mm hybrid flooring
  • 240mm * 7mm * 1800mm hybrid flooring
  • 300mm * 7mm * 1800mm hybrid flooring

Please note: do not confuse laminate floors with hybrid floors.. Laminate floors are typically composed of an MDF core and are unsuitable for wet areas, unlike hybrid flooring.

Limited Stock Timber Flooring in Melbourne by Beyond Wood Timber Floors

We also receive the opportunity to distribute end-of-line European engineered oak timber flooring, much like our hybrid flooring. We deliver Australia wide.

Here are some examples of our limited, end-of-line Engineered Oak Timber Flooring:

  • 160mm * 12mm * 1800mm oak timber flooring
  • 190mm * 14mm * 1800mm oak timber flooring
  • 190mm * 15mm * 1830mm oak timber flooring
  • 220mm * 15mm * 2200mm oak timber flooring
  • 220mm * 21mm * 2200mm oak timber flooring
  • 240mm * 15mm * 2200mm oak timber flooring
  • 260mm * 21mm * 2200mm oak timber flooring
  • 300mm * 21mm * 3000mm oak timber flooring

Don’t forget to ask us about our end-of-line spotted gum and blackbutt timber flooring.

This is only the beginning for all of your Wall and Floor requirements.

Stand by for exciting things here at wallsandfloors.com.au. Whether you are a builder, architect, interior designer, or a homeowner, we will have you covered at the push of a button for all of your internal and external Wall and Floor requirements; showcasing some of the industry’s most reputable products, brands and retail experts within the Wall and Floor industry,

There is no point in having a great product without a quality installed finish. Connect yourself with some of Melbourne’s best installation companies to create the ultimate finish within residential or commercial projects.

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